Planning on Attending a Weekly Meeting

broker-meetingWhen you are in the area where the Ethical Society is, you should make a point to attend a weekly meeting. These events will give you the opportunity to meet likeminded people who have been studying, seeking to understand, and actively practicing ethical ideals for some time. You will need to arrive a few minutes before the meetings begin, by 8.00AM. The first meeting takes place until 10.30AM. There is a second meeting that is less formal, which is especially excellent for those who are new to the society. This takes place between 11.00AM and 12.00 noon.

Upon arrival at the Ethical Society, you will be guided to the meeting room by ushers. There is a special table known as the greeters’ table, and this is where you can register your information. You will also receive a welcome pack that answers any basic questions that you may have about the society. Should you want to meet other people and interact with them easily, you can wear a name tag.

During the meeting, different beliefs will be discussed, though there is a point made not to reflect too closely on religion. In addition, you will be given a chance to express yourself, especially what you believe in regards to ethics, and where you would like the conversation to go.

Following the meetings, you can participate in an Open House. Over coffee and simple snacks, you will be able to socialise with other members, both new like you are and old. If you simply want to listen to the chit chat, there’s a system in place where you can select a white mug and you will not be approached to start a conversation. If you want to take part more actively, select the yellow mug and other members will come up to you for introductions.