Education to Create a More Humane Society

yourstory-educationA famous saying from the Chinese religious leader Confucius says, ‘Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand.’ This is the premise that guides the concept of educating towards a much more ethical culture.

In a nutshell, ethical culture is a movement. The inspiration behind this movement is being more humane in religious beliefs as well as teaching people how to be kinder, less careless, more present. The base for achieving this is one of the goals that this society focuses on. For this to happen successfully, there are classes and meetings for sharing, being held once each and every week.

The classes explore a range of activities. To begin with, they always include a lecture where the most recent ethical concerns are discussed. These lectures are given by people who are facing ethical issues on a daily basis. For example, individuals working in law enforcement, heads of corporations, government representatives, animal rights activities and even professors or educators.

Through these talks, ethics, which may seem general as a concept, become much more personal. This makes it possible to understand where one can place themselves in a world which tends to be highly unethical. By having these tools and information available through education, it is easier to make decisions that are driven by ethical change.

Following these talks, education continues in a more social setting, as those in attendance get together to discuss the main points raised. In these rich discussions, there are more elements of the conversation that can be uncovered.

To create a more humane society, the people who are within the current society need the right motivation to make a positive change. Things can get better in the society, as long as people have the right information.